Property Development Loans

Cashflow Recovery has extensive experience in structuring development finance facilities for residential, commercial, office, industrial, retail, and land subdivisions.

From our panel of Lenders, we are equipped to assist you with your specific project needs

 Our access to capital provides our clients funding options including:

  • Traditional Bank and non bank lenders
  • No Pre-Sale Funding Options (up to $2m loans)
  • Reduced Pre-sale Requirements ($2m-$5m loans)
  • Land Purchase
  • Construction Finance
  • Take out / residual stock finance
  • Distressed / Workout Solutions
  • Commercial Property loans to 80% LVR

Construction finance facilities can be structured in many ways, with many different variations that are tailored to a project’s specific needs.

Typical property development loan structures fall into the following general categories;

  • Full Doc Development Finance facilities are typically sourced via banks and other major financial institutions such as super funds, generally requiring pre-sales (or pre-leases) as well as current up-to-date financials. They offer the cheapest form of construction finance currently available in terms of interest rates.
  • Non Banks Construction Finance facilities that go to a higher LVR than typical lenders on a senior debt basis without using a mezzanine facility. Nil PreSales or partial project presales may be required.
  • Low Doc, No pre-sale Development Finance facilities are usually sourced through our private investor/lenders, with their main advantage that they generally do not require pre-sales or financials. They are generally much more flexible in their lending criteria.


Value Add Development Finance Services

Cashflow Recovery can arrange the following project finance value add services for property developers:

  • Project Feasibility Assessments to help get your project ready for Financing
  • Deposit Bonds to assist purchasers secure built units
  • Pre-Sales finance approvals to assist purchases secure units and developers secure development finance (if lender required)
  • Non -Resident finance approvals to assist developers secure purchasers for finished units
  • SMSF purchase finance to assist in purchase of off the plan pre-sales
  • Builder Selection one of the biggest challenges for a property developer is finding the right builder to build a project, in the selected location, to start when required, all at the best possible price. Through Cashflow Recovery partners, we help make the choice of builder simple.

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