Investment Property Loans

With mainstream Australian Banks tightening up investment property loans, accessing property investment loans has become a speciality. Cashflow Recovery has access to a panel of lenders who are comfortable lending to investors.

We can assist with

  • Residential Investment Property Loans
  • Commercial Property Loans
  • Property Development Loans (to $5m)
    • Commercial or Residential 


We help property investors wanting a lower interest rate and lower repayments for a current loans so we help them refinance. It can be frustrating if your lender increases the interest rate on your loan by more than was set by the Reserve Bank. Other lenders may raise or lower their interest rates out of cycle with the Reserve Bank so its important to continually review property loans

Structuring your Investment Property Loan correctly can save you thousands of dollars. Cashflow Recovery are highly experienced at financing property investments and will assess your personal situation to tailor an investment property loan accordingly.


We can arrange a loan pre- approvals, so you can make an offer on your investment property sooner than you think, and we’ll help you with all the paperwork. We’ll get you the best investment loan rates and support you at every step to make your property investment happen quickly and efficiently.

Property Feasibility

We provide free property investment and development feasibility so you can be sure your investment property project meets your financial goals and expectations.


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