COVID 19 Action

In light of the Corona Virus situation, I am strongly advising all of my clients contact me to discuss their interest rates and loans.

In the current situation and not knowing how long things will be like this, reducing your costs is crucial.

Additionally there are many options available for business loans and Cashflow Finance.

There is no need for in person meetings, everything can be done remotely.

There are historically cheap home loan options available – as low as 2.29% – and some lenders are also offering up to $4,000 cash in refinance bonuses.

Some lenders have also announced that they will be offering assistance to existing customers who are in financial distress. This may include repayment pauses for up to six months. There are criteria that have to be met for this so please feel free to contact me and I can discuss this with you and direct you to the appropriate contact points.

If you would like to discuss any of the above, please email us directly or call on 1300 885 244 and I will contact you to go through  your options.

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