Commercial Loans

We provide Commercial Loans for all sorts of commercial purposes, that can match your specific requirements including:

Equipment Finance

Every business needs equipment and technology for its day-to-day operations. A business needs to be able to use the equipment – not necessarily own the equipment. Rather than pay cash up front, a finance facility gives you much more control and flexibility when it comes to accessing essential business equipment.

Vehicle Finance

Companies, partnerships u0026amp; sole traders looking for business car finance or a business car loan have a range of options available to them. The most appropriate type of finance for each business’ needs will depend on business structure, cash-flow requirements, GST registration status and tax considerations. Cashflow Recovery specialise in car finance for companies, partnerships, sole traders and other businesses – we have the right solution for your needs including

  • Chattel Mortgage
  • Lease
  • Sale Leaseback
  • Operating Lease

Working Capital

All businesses need working capital to fund expansion, commitments and expenses. We help businesses access working capital provided by a range of lenders for all sorts of business purposes such as funding expansion, new stock, paying staff, business expenses.

Unsecured working capital loans are available for amounts from $5,000 to $250,000 over terms of 3-12 months.

Invoice Finance

Invoice finance is an easy way for you to take control of your business. Invoice Finance is an advance of up to 80% on the invoices you issue to customers. The balance is paid when the customer pays their invoices (less a small fee).So you don’t have to rely on slow paying customers for the vitality of your business.

Supplier Finance

Supplier finance is design to help businesses that want to to purchase more stock or take advantage of special terms offered by a supplier. It enables you to pay suppliers now and then repay the finance company over a period of time – up to 6 months. No matter what your cashflow is for the month, your suppliers are taken care of.


We can help with purchase and refinancing of property loans including commercial real estate, industrial and retail assets for either owner-occupiers or investors. Commercial mortgage offerings range from straightforward facilities to more highly leveraged and structured facilities.  Other features like flexible or high LVR, lend on valuation not price and many other features.

  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Land Bank
  • Specialised real estate assets such as pubs, hotels, motels, petrol stations, caravan parks, retirement villages and child care facilities

Development Loans

We can access development finance from a range of Banks or non Bank Lenders, who will consider projects including

  • New Projects
  • Land Subdivisions
  • Apartment developments
  • Civil works for Land projects
  • Specific Projects – Industrial, Commercial, Office or Factory
  • One, two, three, or four unit strata developments

Loan types

We have access to

  • First Mortgage (over property)
  • Second Mortgage (over property)
  • Unsecured
  • Full Doc
  • Low Doc

Fast Turnarounds

Some of our lenders specials in providing very fast turnarounds – with potential for approvals on the same day. Competitive interest rates across the full mortgage product range; from Full Doc to non-conforming asset lends