Cashflow Recovery launches Free Home Loan Review Service for West Coast home owners.

Are you worried you are paying too much on your house mortgage?

Are you sure you have the best mortgage for your needs?

Is there any way you could pay off your home loan in a shorter amount of time?

With the first drop in the cash rates in 3 years and subsequent reduction in home loan interest rates by the banks borrowers are now seeking lower costs loans to save even more money. Cashflow Recovery now provides a free home loan review service to see if you can reduce the cost of your current home loan and compare if there isn’t a better option for you.

A review of your mortgage can show you how a lower cost loan can repay the principal on your loan faster and save you thousands in unnecessary interest.

Our Loan Repayment Calculator will give you a monthly repayment schedule, reveal how much of your payment goes towards paying off the loan – the principal amount – and how much goes towards paying off the interest. If you have different loan amounts, interest rates and payment terms, the Calculator will help you determine how your monthly repayments will change to accommodate this.

Whether you have a mortgage already or are considering one, take a few moments and visit us for our Mortgage Review service which could save you thousands.

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