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Tighter APRA-imposed controls and public spotlight through the banking and financial services royal commission is manifesting in more financing knock-backs for clients from traditional favourites like the major banks.

Several banks are pulling out altogether of perceived riskier financing arrangements, like limited recourse borrowing for SMSFs, in what is already a shrinking market for Super Fund trustees.

For small business, the options on the market have tightened considerably. This shift in market conditions has seen clients exploring new options to gain financing like low doc options or lenders who don’t credit score and cash flow financing solutions for those businesses that issue invoices. 

Who we work with

Cashflow Recovery works with people from all walks of life and we aim to serve a broader and more representative cross-section of the community than many other finance Brokers.

This diversity includes:

  • Successful business people raising working capital to expand their current ventures,
  • Established business looking for Cashflow Solutions to grow their businesses
  • Entrepreneurs in the preliminary stages of starting a business,
  • Contractors working on a variety of short-term projects,
  • Trustees of Self-Managed Super Funds looking for Finance to buy property
  • People who are consolidating credit cards/store cards to reduce their monthly repayments,
  • Borrowers with credit problems looking to put them in their past,
  • Property investors raising funds to purchase another property,
  • Recent divorcees funding the division of their assets,
  • Property Developers looking to finance their next development
  • Recent arrivals to the country

Many of our customers are self-employed, and we understand the difficulties facing small business operators, both in terms of managing cash flow within a business, and in demonstrating serviceability when it comes to applying for a loan.

Being a Solutions based finance adviser we work with each customer to get the best outcome for them in what is a tough borrowing market.

Partner Program

Cashflow Recovery often works with Accountants, lawyers, Financial Planners and to arrange suitable financing solutions for their clients, via its Partner Program.

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