What is Invoice Finance

 Invoice Finance, also known as Debtor Finance or Cash Flow Finance allows you to unlock a large part of your outstanding invoices so you can continue to fund and grow your own operations without waiting to be paid by your customers. It provides a smart solution to help business improve its trading cash flow in order to;

Improve trading cash flow in order to

Immediate benefits

How it works

Invoice Finance works by releasing up to 85% of the working capital tied up in your existing invoices as  well as new invoices when they are raised. You continue to invoice your customers as normal and upload your sales ledger to the Invoice finance Funders online platform. The Funder then  provides an advance payment to your business , based on the value of the invoices uploaded, for you to use as and when you need. When your customers pay, the advance is repaid and the remaining 15% of the invoice is passed onto you, less service fees . The facility typically operates on a revolving basis so it will grow with your sales.

 IWhat Industries use Invoice Finance

Invoice finance facilities are designed to help businesses that supply their products or services to other businesses on standard trade credit terms. The industries most typically suited to Invoice Finance are:

  • Transport
  • Temporary staff hire
  • Wholesalers
  • Manufacturers
  • Printers
  • Mining services
  • Business services such as
  • Tiles – Wholesaler/Distributor
  • Coconut Water – Wholesaler/Distributor
  • Fruit and Vegetables – Wholesaler/Distributor
  • Pork – Wholesaler/Distributor
  • Confectionary – Wholesaler/Distributor
  • Beers – Importer/distributor
  • Wines – Importer/distributor
  • Furniture – manufacturer
  • Transport/haulage
  • Security companies – Labour Hire
  • Property maintenance
  • Flowers – Wholesaler/Distributor
  • Printing services
  • Commercial cleaning services
  • Commercial catering company
  • Engineering – defence force
  • Mining – machinery/equipment
  • Traffic services – labour hire
  • And many others
Is it suitable for all business structures?

Yes its suitable for business that have an ABN such as,

  • Pty Ltd companies
  • Family Trusts
  • Sole Traders